Baby Elephant’s Mud Bath Wins The Internet

Baby Elephant’s Mud Bath Wins The Internet

We all love animal videos. Agree, right? Now, it won’t be wrong to say that such videos make the world a better place. And, thanks to the Internet we easily get access to such clips. Well, in case you are having the mid-week blues, we have been scurrying through the animal videos and have come up with a super adorable baby elephant showing off her bathing skills. For some, it is normal bathing, for others, this is just “flop and flail”. That’s how Olorien, the baby elephant, likes to bathe and we are not complaining. On Thursday, the official Twitter page of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared a snippet of Olorien taking bath and it is stealing our hearts, all the way. In the video, Olorien, part of the herd, can be seen rolling in the mud and having a great time.

This wildlife trust, based out of Kenya, is focused on rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned baby elephants. Olorien was rescued in June 2020, when herdsmen of the Siana area of the Maasai Mara reported a lone calf who was trying to follow their cattle.

It’s time to go back to the ‘aww’dorable video. Well, Olorien has already made lots of fans with her unique and playful bathing skills. And, we aren’t surprised at all.

Users soon gatecrashed the video to drop appreciative comments. One of them even wanted to get into the mud and play with her. Aww.

“My girl. The first of my little herd. I love her so much. As much as she loves her mud,” wrote this person, who seems to known Olorien.

The video, since being posted late last night, has gone massively viral for its super adorable elements – well, we are not surprised. So far, the video has clocked 7,000 views.