Fiction Authors' Name Generator

Said Edgar Bourgeois

This free utility generates a random name for any of a number of ethicities. Choose an ethnic group and a gender, and give it a whirl!



Notes for users:

The names are based on relatively short lists derived from baby-name websites and official lists of common names. As such, the name generated might be too common, like using "John Smith" in a book set in England.

Conversely, the most common hundred or so names are used for each culture, and names which are low on the list will occur more often than they do in the actual population. This is particularly noticeable in ethnicities such as Chinese, where the half-dozen more common names represent more than half the people in real life.

The names are randomly assigned. In areas where a surname or a first name have sectarian or caste implications, the pairing of first and last name may be inappropriate, like calling someone Adbul Smith or Fred Muhammad in England. Not impossible, but the name would seem odd to a native speaker.

The algorithm doesn't handle patronymics, so Russian middle names are inaccurate, and Icelandic is not even included (patronymic last names, varying by gender). I'm sure there are other examples I am unaware of, so let me know!

My cultural insensitivity knows no bounds, but be assured it is based on ignorance and not prejudice. Let me know if there's anything inappropriate in here, and I'll fix it.

Yes, I know that gender is infintely complex and cannot be reduced to a simple dichotomy, but until there are baby-name lists specifically for the gender-fluid there's not a lot I can do. Sorry.

Any and all comments are gratefully received. Reach me on the Facebook group Asteroid Police, on Twitter @RichardFPenn, or by email at