Asteroid Expedition Guide

This 2017 book is a "precsimile" of a guide-book published (in my fictional universe) by the company sending seven ships to the asteroid belt in 2045. The guide is addressed to people thinking of joining the expedition, telling them the skills they need, the risks they face, and the human rights code they must sign up to. Unusually for fiction, it is written in the second person, instead of the usual first or third. It is quite short, and correspondingly cheap to buy as an ebook.

For anyone who enjoyed my Asteroid Police series, this is the start of their long journey out to Tersipchore. Lisa, Tommy and Minah are all aboard ships in the fleet, as young children. If you are familiar with the Steps to Space series you will find Corinne Hansen (the hero of the Lakshmi mutiny and the first private pilot to land on the Moon) is in the fleet too, chief engineer of one of the ships. The upcoming Gordonmoore Expansion will be set here and will feature Corinne as main character.