Spacetug Copenhagen

It seems like a routine tourist trip, taking wealthy guests to the luxury hotel in orbit. But Danish engineers Marius and Abby do not look like tourists, in their plain coveralls. The rich industrialist and his family seem to fit the part better. But everyone on this trip has other plans in mind, plans that will lead to the next big step in humanity's spread beyond our home planet.

This book, set only fifteen years in the future and involving only realistic technology, is founded on the belief that humanity's future in space depends on proper engineering. Inspired the Danish engineering cooperative Copenhagen Suborbitals , the author hopes it will encourage young people to become engineers and scientists.

It is set thirty years earlier than the Asteroid Police series, at the very start of the permanent colonisation of space. The series attempts to answer, at each key stage, what would motivate people to go out into space with no intention of returning to Earth.

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