Freedom at Feronia

In The Dark Colony , Lisa and her team of asteroid police captured a nuclear rocket, and rescued a dozen kidnapped children. Now they aim to return the children to Mars, but first they need to build a ship. The rebel colony of Feronia is on their way, taken over by Christian fundamentalists. Can they return it to civilization, and what kind of government will lead to a long-term peace?

Hard Science Fiction

This is hard science-fiction, with no laser swords or time-warps, where space travel is difficult and takes many months, and the people who live in space must use engineering innovation to build what they need from local materials.

Discussion and Review

For some very interesting discussion about the book, see James Davis Nicoll's website.

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Feronia Project

Looking for the Feronia Project? (I have no relationship with this charity and they don't endorse me) It's here: planned parenthood