The Dark Colony

The adventures of a young policewoman begin at a space station at the asteroid Terpsichore in the year 2060, and follow her and her team as they track down a secret colony where women and children are kept as slaves.

Hard Science Fiction

This is "hard" science fiction, with no magic forces or time-warps, where space travel is hard and takes many months. Colonists invent and build their own equipment from local materials. While truly isolated, they are part of a movement which aims to create thousands of independent communities throughout the Belt.

James David Nicoll Review

Many thanks to James Davis Nicoll for a comprehensive and thoughtful review. . He sums up with ... "Penn's decision to stick to plausible technology and its implications for an inner Solar System months and years across, was the right choice for this book. I look forward to future installments in this setting."

Martin Wisse Review

Thanks also to Martin Wisse for another very nice review . My favourite quote... "It's a breath of fresh air to see the matter of factness with which modern, sane notions of consent and the existence of queer people are promulgated into the future."

Review in Odyssey

A January 2015 review in Odyssey, the magazine of the British Interplanetary Society , was also very positive. My favourite phrase: quoth John Silvester... "intricately constructed, with the author's imaginative abilities leaping straight out at you from every page"

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